Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide!

This year, Christmas is going to be all about the baby. We're making handmade and edible gifts, as usual, but I still love to virtually window shop this time of year. Here are some of my favorite shops:

1. Etsy!!! I can't say enough about Etsy! I could spend hours on this site, especially in the Treasury section.
hand warmers
Jupiter Tee
Fire Plushie
2. MoMA Store. Modern design for every facet of your life.
Banksy Note Cards
Pig Cooking Lid
BLOC Watch
Fruit Rattles
3. Fishseddie.com.  Super cool housewares!
Bicycle Mug
Intervention-ware Mug
Rest in Grease Spoonrest
4. Plasticland.  Kitch and Retro Clothing and Accessories.
Weirdo Noir book
Snake Charmer Tee
Ray Gun Ornaments
Thanks for Being Stamp
5. The Monster Company.  This site just has some wonderful movie memorabilia.
Labrynth Door Knockers
6. Think Geek. Anything and everything for that special nerd in your life.
Desktop Carnivorous Plant
Caffeine Molecule Necklace
Baby Cthulhu Tee
There are many more to choose from, but this is a good start. Happy shopping!

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