Monday, August 1, 2011

South in Your Mouth.

Last night we went to Croaker's Spot for the first time. We had been meaning to go since we heard about it years ago, but never got a chance. I have to say it was amazing.

When we arrived, they were busy, and there was a couple ahead of us in line at the host stand. Once they were seated we were told that our server had just taken two tables in a row, and that it may be a short wait before he got to us. That was fine since we'd never been before and needed time to look over the menu. It was only ten minutes before our server, Trae, came to take our order. He was good. Our drinks and food were ordered at the same time and he committed them to memory (we're always impressed when people are able to do that!). While we waited for our food, we had sweet tea (sugar-shock, of course) and took in the atmosphere. The place was bright and buzzing with Sunday supper energy! Funk and soul music accompanied by paintings of music legends set the tone to perfect.

photo courtesy of Style Weekly
When our food came, we were drooling. I had the Two Piece Fish Boat and Jess got the Butterfly Shrimp Dinner. The fish was golden and flaky, the potatoes packed with flavor. The Shrimp came with cabbage that tasted exactly like my grandma's. The Cheddar Ranch Grits were firm, not dry, and the cornbread was moist with a crunch on top. When Trae came by to fill our glasses and ask how everything was, Jess told him that it was some of the best food he'd tasted. To that our server smiled, looking completely un-phased, and said, "yeah, that's how we do".

The rest of the evening went just as smoothly, with the staff keeping up with the busyness of the night. They were efficient and calm, well trained to the layout of the small dining room. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. I'm going back very soon, and next time I'm saving room for dessert.

Croaker's Spot Restaurant
1020 Hull St.
Richmond 23224

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