Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To market, to market!

Today, we went to the Byrd House Market. It seems like every time I go, I've planned poorly and have no money to actually buy anything. I'm usually giving someone else a ride and just window shopping while I'm there. Today, however, Jess and I went together, cash in hand, on a mission for tonight's dinner. Here's what we found:
It doesn't look like much, but tonight's dinner will be grilled chicken with spicy tomato fusilli from Bombolini Pasta. This is the first time we've tried their pasta, but I've drooled over them at the market. We also scored some spinach fettuccine. Here's a video about Bombolini, which makes me want to support the company even more:

Seriously, the guy was super nice. Very helpful and genuinely excited about his product.

To Market Part II:

I finally bought fabric for the kitchen curtains! It's about damn time. Now I can start sewing them...by hand...*hint for birthday present: I need a sewing machine!!*
Hancock Fabrics is having a 4th of July Sale so this lot, normally $7.99/yd cost me only $3.99/yd. YAY! Tons of designs are super cheap, but I knew I wanted this one in particular. I'll show pictures once I get started.

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