Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is what we did tonight for dinner:
Cheddarwurst. They were delicious, but it's clear that we need a bigger grill. The Weber tabletop grill is great for just the two of us, but we need more space to cook for gatherings.
Walmart has this grill/smoker, which I love:
Smoke 'N Grill

But I think we're going with this one from Home Depot:
Portable Grill
With this one, we wouldn't have to buy a cover for when it rains, just fold it up and put it on the porch. Brilliant. I'm sold.

Oh, and this happened...
Jess & Hiro, the cutest boys I know!
...and it was super cute!

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  1. We are also in grill contemplation lately. Knowing us, the leaves will be changing before we make a decision.