Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, Big Lots.

We finally found a picture big and cool enough for our dining room wall.
Thank you, Big Lots. $25, frame and all. We were there to look at grills and coolers, but came away with this gem. It's actually pretty amazing how much Elvis memorabilia we have. It's pretty well spread out around the house, so we don't look like crazy fans.

Everything Elvis museum in Cornelia, GA.

Marry Me, Modcloth!

I have a serious crush on Modcloth.com. The shop's collection of dresses and shoes (some are even in my size, can you believe it??) make me want to max out every card I have. The housewares are kitschy and cute, too. Here are some examples:
This would match my kitchen perfectly!

so would these!

If I were to wear heels, these would be the pair!

Reminds me of "Psycho Beach Party"!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Just a quick post today, since this week has officially kicked my butt!
First, Jess finished painting the living/dining rooms!!! It took two coats of Kilz primer to cover the turquoise, but only one coat of paint. It looks awesome. Here's the color we chose:
"Silver Dollar" by Ace Hardware

Monday, I plan to paint the kitchen (finally!) this color:
"Galactica" by Olympic
I have to admit, the final decision on this color was mainly due to the name "Galactica".
We also ordered this knife rack from Lowes for the kitchen:
It's technically a magnetic tool rack, but it will work and it's red!
That's all for now. Time for bed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Longest weekend ever / I can't believe I forgot my camera.

Let's get right to it. Prom was Saturday, so work was absolutely insane. There were laughs, there were tears (aren't there always when it comes to teenage girls?), I'm very glad it's only once a year.
After prom hell, Jess and I went to a cookout and came home with this guy:
His name is Ron Swanson, but you can call him Duke. He's the best party favor I've ever gotten.

Sunday morning, after our weekly Wal-Mart grocery frenzy, I met up with some folks to do a photo shoot in Floyd, VA. "Where's Floyd", you ask? Go way the hell out to the bottom left corner of the state, then straight up the mountain. That's Floyd. It was a FIVE hour drive full of farm roads and beautiful mountain scenery, so naturally I forgot my camera. It looked a little something like this:

The whole purpose for the shoot was to showcase the wine bar (and dogs) at Chateau Morrisette. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them.
The drive was long, my back hurts, and I'm exhausted. It was well worth it. I wish we could have stayed longer, and I'm definitely going back in the future.
As for now, back to work. I think I'll make it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is what we did tonight for dinner:
Cheddarwurst. They were delicious, but it's clear that we need a bigger grill. The Weber tabletop grill is great for just the two of us, but we need more space to cook for gatherings.
Walmart has this grill/smoker, which I love:
Smoke 'N Grill

But I think we're going with this one from Home Depot:
Portable Grill
With this one, we wouldn't have to buy a cover for when it rains, just fold it up and put it on the porch. Brilliant. I'm sold.

Oh, and this happened...
Jess & Hiro, the cutest boys I know!
...and it was super cute!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Before (sort of) Pictures of the Kitchen.

I realized that we started organizing the Kitchen before taking proper "Before" pictures. So here are some pictures of the kitchen mid-process. We still have to paint the walls, make the curtains, and refinish the metal cart. Please excuse the mess...

Yeah, it's pretty tiny, but we'll make it work.

Here are some bonus pictures that I took of things we've done so far:
Funny little phone nook by the hall bathroom.

Quatrefoil mirror from Target (with American Dad in the reflection).

Things I Want.

We're home bound today, having dropped off the car to get new tires, so lots of time to think about things I want to buy for the house. Here are some of my favorite pieces lately:
 Fabric from Joann  for kitchen curtains. S&P shakers from Amazon.

Brother Sewing Machine for my craft room!

Gray Panels from Target.

Sideboard for the dining room.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Curtains and Buffalo Chicken.

I finally finished the curtains for Jess' man cave. They look awesome! I sewed them by hand, so they took me a little while. Here they are:
Note the Zombies on top of the window ledge.

Window panes still need scraping and the storm window is a little wonky, but whatever.

Tonight, Jess made an amazing dinner. Shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches with fries. Mmmmm. So good. Hey, I didn't say it was gourmet or even good for you, I said it was amazing. Here's the recipe, courtesy of Allrecipes.


  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
  • 1 (17.5 fluid ounce) bottle buffalo wing sauce, divided
  • 1/2 (1 ounce) package dry ranch salad dressing mix
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 6 hoagie rolls, split lengthwise


  1. Place the chicken breasts into a slow cooker, and pour in 3/4 of the wing sauce and the ranch dressing mix. Cover, and cook on Low for 6 to 7 hours.
  2. Once the chicken has cooked, add the butter, and shred the meat finely with two forks. Pile the meat onto the hoagie rolls, and splash with the remaining buffalo wing sauce to serve.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So, so far to go.

Today was yet another day off full of cleaning, trips to the hardware store, painting, yada yada yada.
I didn't realize how much there is to do. Here are some pics of the upstairs. Keep in mind, these are "before" pictures.
Weird closet thing on landing

My work space
Jess' room

Door to the 2nd floor

My room again

My room from the other side

My room's bench thingy
It's going to be awesome. Right now I'm in the middle of making curtains for Jess' room. I'm making them by hand (it reminds me how much faster things will go when I get a sewing machine!), but they're coming along nicely.
The day has been long and it seems like we haven't even made a dent, but we did find this print at Hobby Lobby for $7. The bathroom is not yellow, but a cream color. I don't know why the picture is so warm, but oh well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Life, the Universe and Everything.

The roommates moved out yesterday. It was supposed to be the day before, but nothing goes smoothly here. Now we have the task of cleaning everything (absolutely everything. I found myself vacuuming window panes and scrubbing banisters), unpacking things that we were too cramped to unpack, and painting over god-awful paint jobs. These things can be frustrating, but they remind me just how far we've come. A year ago, we were struggling to get by. Now we have so much to be thankful for. It's not a lot, but it's just what we wanted. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to take photos at this stage. It's chaos in here, and I'd like to show a slightly cleaner set of "before" pictures. Until then, enjoy a few "get things done" songs.